Science Fair

So You Want To Be in the Science Fair?

The following pages are designed to help you on your path towards completing a project for a Science Fair. Special thanks to D.Ross for preparing the survival package and list of topics!

Science Fair Survival Page - click here if you want to know how to start a science fair project

Science Fair Topics - some ideas to get you thinking about science fairs

Suggested Science Fair Timeline - 12 weeks before science fair, what do I do? Look here!


Science Fair Links on the Web

BC Science Fair Foundation - General information if you plan to go on to the BC or Canada Wide Science Fair

Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair - Held annually at UBC, this is the next stop on towards the National Science fair. This is the big show!

Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair - interesting site I found on the web. Check it out for ideas or general interest.

Why Organise a Science Fair? Tips for Parents, Students, with a timeline and other LINKS!

How To Do a Successful Science Fair Project - some simple guidelines with pictures to help you get started. Designed primarily for intermediate grades
This website calls itself the ultimate science fair resource. The site is sponsored by the Society for Amateur Scientists and is recommended by the USA National Science Teachers Association.

IPL: Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Internet Public library has a resource guide with many links to help you prepare your best science fair project possible. Focuses on what makes a good project.

All Science Fair Projects
This directory has over 500 different science fair projects. You can search by idea or browse by topics, from plants to x-ray machines.

Super Science Fair Projects
Need to figure out a timeline for your project? Or just want some ideas on experiments? This site has both!

Science Fair Central
Includes a "Science Fair Handbook" to guide you through the steps involved, a list of project ideas and suggested websites and books to help you do your research.

The Science Explorer
Try all sorts of fun experiments and activities. "Get messy, get airborne, get loud, get shocked!"


Britannia Science Fair Champions 2008

Vancouver District Science Fair Registration 2008 site