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Red Gold --> The Epic Story of Blood Webquest - click here for the worksheet

Click below for links to help you fill in your worksheet:

Phase 1: The Creation of Blood:

How is Blood Produced?

Phase 2: The Circulatory System

Phase 3: Donation: What to Expect

Testing Donated Blood:

Phase 4: Blood Banks:

Phase 5: The Transfusion

Test Your Blood IQ (take the quiz to get these answers):


Immune System Webquest link


Outbreak: A webquest about epidemics





Periodic Table Sites

Chemicool - look here for prices for the elements

Adopt an element FUN PAGES

Adopt-an-element project pdf file

Inside an atom - information about the atom

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Internet Review Activity

Rock and Mineral Internet Hunt Website --Download printable worksheet here

ScienceSpot Kidzone Earthscience Rock and Minerals Links click here for Mineral Mania Worksheet.pdf

Moh's hardness scale: link1 link2 link3

Minerals Index



Biomes Project

Biomes Links