Science 10


***Please note: The Science 10 curriculum has been changed for the 2008-2009 year. For Final Provincial Exams in 2009 please refer to the BC SCIENCE 10 website***

Click here for some cool notes to help you study for the Science 10 final exam

The pages below are for the OLD science 10 curriculum but still may be helpful for some.



OLD SCIENCE 10 PROVINCIAL EXAM (for exams ending June 2008)

Grade 10 Provincial Examination Specifications

Revisions to Science 10 Provincial Exam for 2005-2006

DATA BOOKLET! Data Booklet.pdf

Vocabulary you need to know for Science 10 Provincial: Vocab.pdf

Curriculum Connections: What you need to know for the Science 10 Exam: Connections.pdf

Examples of the types of questions you may see click here: Exemplars.pdf

Table of Specifications: Tells you how many questions from each section: Table of Specs.pdf - contains links for all Science 10 subjects - go to science foundations 10 link



Geoscience Review Sheet - 19 pages - download pdf file



Biology Review Sheet - pdf file

Biology Review Sheet Key - pdf file

BIOLOGY - a link about genetics- contains a great site that explains DNA, genes, and cells

VIRTUAL CELL - An interactive website that shows all the parts of a cell




Chemistry Review Sheet - pdf file

Chemistry Review KEY - pdf file


Naming ionic and molecular comounds (No roman numerals)

For naming with metals with MORE THAN ONE combining capacity (WITH Roman Numerals)

Writing Formulas from Names