Immune System Webquest

-click here for worksheet if you do not already have one.

1. Go to Anatomy of a Splinter

Make sure to click on the links for chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and oxidative burst. Watch the movies under each link.

· How do macrophages find pathogens?


· How do they eat pathogens?


· How do cytotoxic T lymphocytes kill cells?


2. Play the game “fighting back” (must read “what happened” after game)

· Why are helper T-cells required in an immune attack?


· What are complements?


· What remains in the body after an immune battle?


· How does the HIV virus disrupt the immune system?

3. Go to the Immune System Overview

CLICK HERE for the whole pdf file - you may need to use the CTRL-F (find) function to look for some of these answers!

Or you can try clicking on this site:

· What are the two major classes of lymphocytes?


· In what part of the body are they found?


· What are the functions of antibodies?


· What are the two types of T lymphocytes? What do they do?


· How do antibodies get produced in mass quantities?





Immune System Webquest link (old site) - this worksheet was taken from the following website and the links were updated.