Earth Science 11


This is a webquest to introduce you to the Topic of Renewable Energy Resources

Click below to get the worksheets ONLY if you did not get it in class

General renewable Energy Questions
Solar Energy Questions
Geothermal Energy Questions
Wind Energy Questions
Biomass Energy Questions
Biogas Energy Questions


Each worksheet is associated with a particular presentation (Except for the General renewable energy worksheet - you need to look at all of the presentations to do this one). Choose one of the following presentations from the list below to start on your worksheets. The files are in ADOBE pdf format so you will need to install it before you download it. See the link of the left for more info.


Hydropower Presentation

Solar Energy Presentation

Geothermal Energy Presentation

Wind Energy Presentation

Biomass Energy Presentation

Biogas Energy Presentation


Good Luck!

For Bonus: Here is a wordsearch! Only when you are done!