Chemistry 11 IB Group 4 Project (G4P)


Introductory Meeting - Friday May 29, 2009

Second Planning Meeting and hints - Friday June 5, 2009

Presentations are Due Monday June 22 2009 9AM - 12:00 PM


  • Each presentation should have at least one experiment (either performed or planned) where they show the data collected, analyzed results and final conclusion.
  • Each presentation must do something with DATA
    • data may be taken from a database and analyzed
    • data may be collected
    • a detailed plan can be used to explain how data would be collected
  • Presentations are to be 10 - 15 mins MAX (PowerPoint)
  • Leave 5 minutes after your presentation for questions from teachers and other students
  • Remember the 6X6 rule for PowerPoint presentations
  • Team Leaders (Chairperson) are responsible for keeping their members up to date on important announcements
  • Each Student is required to hand in a COMPLETE Group 4 package to each of their science instructors (e.g. if you are in Chemistry and Biology - you need two identical packages to hand in, one for each subject).


Click on the links below to download the Adobe Acrobat files

Goup 4 Project Introduction Page

Group 4 Project Overview

Group 4 Project Important Aspects of Initial Planning

Group 4 Project Initial Planning Sheet

Group 4 Project Contact Sheet


Group 4 Package: Extra Forms: These are provided so that you can hand in a complete package to each of your science teachers.

G4P Cover Sheet and Experiment Planning Form

G4P Individual Time Log

G4P Evaluation of Personal Skills


Group 4 Project 2009 Groups

Group 1
Group 4
Bi Edward CP
Brino Sara Leyla B
Dela Cruz Yip Ariel BC
Gregory Miranda BC
Lau Sammy C
Luong Agnes BC
Pyne Alex P
Chieh Kai Ying BC
Deis Madeline BC
Dimalig Sean B
Lam Jonathan C
So Winona CP
Sun Jessie B
Group 2
Group 5
Blank Alina B
Chen Ying BCP
Feng Yuan Sheng BC
Ivory Nicole B
Oriola Faye C
Vuong Eric BC
Chauhan Alvin P
Hayat Arooj BC
Huynh Alison B
Li Ivy BC
Tran Mark BC
Trinh Dennis C
Group 3
Group 6
Anderson Sarah C
Hua Sherry BC
Kim Cleve BC
Lamb Nellie B
Liu Jeffrey CP
Tse Karyn BC
Yee Joanna C
Browne Julie B
Che Beckie B
Kalsi Monika BC
Kwan Ivan CP
Wong Eva C
Young Neell BC